If you believe carbon dioxide is bad for the planet, you’ve been BRAINWASHED by genocidal lunatics who despise human life

One of the biggest lies currently being spread by the media and fake science superstars like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is that carbon dioxide is bad for the planet. CO2 emissions, the public is constantly told, are destroying everything we hold near and dear, and thus must be stopped – except for the fact that nothing could be further from the truth.

Contrary to popular belief, CO2 is absolutely essential for life to exist on earth. Plants, animals and humans all rely on CO2, and none of us would even exist were it not for its presence. Truth be told, our planet could actually use more CO2, as this important gas could help to reforest damaged ecosystems, for instance, and “green” up our many deserts.

But this isn’t the narrative that most people are used to hearing. Instead, they’re fed a steady diet of anti-carbon propaganda that paints a pretty grim picture of what humanity faces as long as CO2 is in the picture. Unless carbon emissions are eradicated, or at the very least heavily curbed, death and destruction will ensue, we’re all told.

It’s all pretty convincing to those who lack a cursory understanding of elementary level science. But to those who understand the process of photosynthesis and CO2’s role in it, blaming carbon for so-called planetary climate change makes absolutely no sense. Without CO2, there would be no life at all, and the world would die.

“…[N]early all climate change activists and ‘environmentalists’ have been brainwashed into believing that carbon dioxide is an evil gas that will destroy the planet,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, founder and lab science director of CWC Labs, an internationally accredited (ISO-17025) analytical science lab that engages in both organic and inorganic chemistry.

“They have been brainwashed into believing exactly the opposite of what is true.”

Climate change mythology is an affront to logic and reason

If man-made climate change was just another crackpot theory with little influence in society, then we could all just ignore it and move on with our lives. But unfortunately, it’s become embedded in academia, government, and even science – or rather, what at one time could have been described as science.

Now it’s just blind faith in scientism, or the consensus of what others in one’s echo chamber believe to be science, that’s regarded as absolute truth. And those who disagree, even when they present valid points and evidence to support their contrarian views, are mocked and regarded as anti-science.

It’s a form of mass brainwashing that has its roots in the type of authoritarian fascism that ultimately leads to book burnings and even mass slaughter. But many people fail to recognize it as such because it’s become normalized in politically correct culture, to the detriment of logic, reason, common sense, and civility.

If climate alarmists got their way, they would quite literally destroy the entire planet by eliminating all carbon. And yet their dangerous rhetoric is rarely challenged by those in positions of power and authority to do so, which is why it continues to spread like a cancer.

“Far from being science proponents, [these types] are actually science clowns whose alarmist predictions of apocalypse and mass death actually describe what would happen if they eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere,” says Adams, who recently put out an informative video that counters the official CO2 narrative, entitled “Carbon Dioxide: The Miracle Molecule of Life.”

“If anything, our planet needs more carbon dioxide, not less, to support rainforests, food products and the re-greening of deserts and semi-arid regions.”

Check out the mini-documentary below, and educate yourself on the many benefits of CO2.




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