Facebook sponsoring a conference featuring a radical left-wing speaker who wants to overthrow America, open all borders and end free market capitalism

A representative for Facebook, along with reps from the other social media giants — Alphabet/Google/YouTube and Twitter — appeared before the House Judiciary Committee last week to defend their platforms against allegations by conservatives that they are censoring or “shadow-banning” right-leaning, pro-Trump content.

Naturally, all three companies denied that was occurring, and Democrats on the panel worked hard to give the social media behemoths all the political cover in the world, casting aspersions at those who claim the censorship is real as though it’s some kind of deep, dark conspiracy.

The censorship and shadow banning are real alright, and if Left-wing pro-establishment news sites were somehow being targeted instead, of course, Democrats would be climbing the walls with anger and rage, screaming “First Amendment!” and proclaiming the death of the Constitution.

But to prove that Silicon Valley-based social media is indeed in the tank for the emerging Marxist Party, Facebook has agreed to co-sponsor a Left-wing extremist conference featuring socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old political novice who would govern to the Left of the Castros in Cuba if given the chance.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Topics at the 2018 Netroots Nation conference include “menstrual equity,” “harnessing the political power of black immigrants” and “youth-led campaigns to promote social justice.”

The Aug. 2-4 conference, touted as the nation’s largest annual gathering of progressives, will also include several panels aimed at boosting the Democratic Party and bashing President Donald Trump. 

Now, to be fair, Facebook has also co-sponsored conservative events in the past such as the Conservative Political Action Conference, but that’s likely because even Left-wing Silicon Valley must expend a little effort to placate the Right-leaning side of Congress, especially while Republicans are in charge of both chambers.

But clearly, given Facebook’s ‘crushing’ censorship of conservatives, it’s very clear which side of the aisle the platform’s hierarchy falls. (Related: Calling for all videos that have been banned by YouTube… you now have a platform for true expression.)

As for Ocasio-Cortez, sponsorship of an event where she is scheduled to appear is akin to sponsoring an event for a foreign power that seeks to overthrow the American system of government.

That’s not hyperbole; that’s a bold statement of fact. Ocasio-Cortez is literally for nothing that has anything to do with our nation’s founding: Free market capitalism, law and order, border control, freedom of assembly and speech, opportunity, upholding all of the Constitution (especially the Second Amendment) and small government. 

Anti-American system

To her, the ideal system is, well, socialism. After all, she’s a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

She hates capitalism and, like other brainwashed Marxists, believes that nations and peoples can sustain themselves simply by imposing social justice measures. 

She hates profits and would redistribute any and all corporate and business profits to the people — that is until she runs out of their money (which would happen eventually because businesses not permitted to make a profit shut down and take their jobs somewhere else).

Borders? Forget it. Anyone and everyone who wanted to flood our cities and towns with incompatible social and cultural mores — not to mention a language barrier — would be allowed to ‘emigrate’ to the newly-open United States, thereby ensuring chaos and unrest.

All border enforcement agencies would be disbanded, and in fact, those who currently worked for ICE and the Border Patrol would likely be criminally prosecuted.

This is the kind of nation Ocasio-Cortez envisions. This is the kind of governing system she wants. This is the economic model she would impose. 

None of it would work because pure socialism has never worked. Our country would cease to exist as founded, lapse into chaos, and the rest of the world we largely protect would blow up.

So when Facebook co-sponsors events featuring political figures who would destroy our country, what does that really say about the company?

Read more about socialism-induced collapse at Collapse.news.

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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