Cop-hating Marxist admits on camera that he loves Obama

Thankfully, the angry Antifa protests that took place at the Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland, Oregon, on August 4 didn’t predicate a horrific false flag attack, which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, was concerned might occur. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a spate of violent encounters, including one cop-hating Marxist who admitted on camera after cursing President Trump that he loves Barack Obama and wants more black people to join the racist Black Panthers domestic terrorist group.

In the following video clip (WARNING: foul language), which was posted to the account of The Pete Santilli Show, you can see for yourself how some leftists think, in their own words. Watch as the man being interviewed has trouble explaining why he hates President Trump, but just knows that he does.

As you’ll notice, the man also has trouble accurately understanding history, believing that the Democrats are the ones working for the best interests of black people. He fails to realize that it was actually Republicans who freed the slaves and who pushed for the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – and that the Democrats are the ones who created the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

As the man fails repeatedly to make a cogently valid argument, his final plea to his black interviewers is for them to see the light and join the racist Black Panthers group. This is followed by the man screaming, “F*** Trump” at the camera while laughing, which is apparently his last-resort retort for putting his interviewers in their place.

“We can’t let white people try to give us jobs,” the man adds when confronted with the fact that President Trump has done far more than Obama ever did to help the black community pull itself up by its bootstraps.

“College should be a human right,” he proceeds to explain, endorsing failed socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. “There’s no such thing as a ‘deep state’ … there’s no such thing as illuminati … the whole system” is keeping the black man down, the man proceeded to rant.

“Rich people” are the problem, leftist black man insists

To be fair, the man did make a few good points about societal inequities, some of which result from unscrupulous crony capitalism. But his solution, full-on socialism, is a misguided solution that will only make the problem worse, not better.

It all comes down to the individual, who must decide for himself that working hard, standing up for justice, and exercising freedom and liberty all coincide. Dismantling free society in the hopes that more government will fix the problems we face is both short-sighted and irrational – something that the man in the video seems incapable of grasping.

“I have a problem with rich people who keep getting money and not distributing it to people who need it,” the man states about his beliefs.

When questioned about rich black people like NBA superstar LeBron James, a prominent racist, the man launches into a diatribe about how black people “can’t be racist.”

“Black people cannot be racist … we can be prejudiced, but not racist … how does black racism against white people adversely affect white people as a whole? Tell me,” he then screams in contradiction, apparently believing that there’s no such thing as white racism, and that it can’t ever harm white people.

He might want to try telling that fairy tale to the families of Channon Christian and Christian Newsom, who were kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered by an all-black mob that targeted the couple simply because they were white.

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