Watch Leftists hate on America as they physically assault Alex Jones at anti-free speech event

The Tea Party movement, which began during the Obama administration, rocked the Republican establishment and forced its leaders to reconnect with its pro-Constitution, small-government roots.

And while the party still has a ways to go, without a doubt Americans who value and cherish our founding principles can find a home with the Republican Party.

In the age of POTUS Donald Trump, Democrats are also undergoing a fundamental transformation, but the changes are taking the party as far away from our constitutional moorings as you can get.

The Marxist Left is muscling its way into the Democratic mainstream, as evidenced by the behavior of rank-and-file party supporters as well as Dem members of Congress.

Over the weekend, conservative talker and avid Trump supporter Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, was physically assaulted by angry Leftists during an event that was billed as an “anti-free speech” event in Austin, Texas.

As Infowars reports, Jones went to the Texas Tribune-sponsored festival to defend his name and character at an event led by Buzzfeed called, “The Political Rhetoric of Donald Trump and Alex Jones.”

Nothing lopsided about that topic, is there?

As you can see at about 10:00 in the first video, an angry Leftist confronts Jones and swats him with a paper fan before he is eventually led away by police. At another point in the video, as Jones was praising America, the crowd was actually booing.

Police also escorted Jones out of the tented area where Buzzfeed was holding its anti-free speech event, but the point was clearly made: The Left is intolerant, angry, and unwilling to debate political opponents. They would rather resort to violence to shut them down. (Related: Mike Adams WARNS conservative Senators, Supreme Court justices: The unhinged left is planning “kill team” home invasions to execute you and your families.)

The party of hate and socialism

Increasingly, this is what the Democratic Party is becoming – the party of hate and violence. But in addition, it is becoming the undemocratic party as well.

We saw that clearly this past week when Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee eschewed a founding principle of our legal system – the presumption of innocence until proven guilty – so they could essentially lynch Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Never mind that the accusations against Kavanaugh of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford have not been corroborated and in fact, have been outright disputed by ‘witnesses’ including one close friend. The Democratic Party as a whole, along with its sycophantic commentators in the media, have chosen to “believe” Ford sans evidence simply because it’s a political decision. They don’t care if it completely blows up our system of justice.

As for the Left-wing violence, it actually began during POTUS Trump’s 2016 campaign. At several events, especially those he held in deep blue states like California, Leftist thugs and cowards would show up to berate and physically assault his supporters, often leaving them battered and bloody.

In fact, the Antifa movement sprung up as a result of Trump’s campaign, then grew exponentially after he became president. Group members claim they are fighting right-leaning “fascism” when in reality they are the true fascists and Nazis.

This is what the Democratic Party is transitioning into: A home to violence, hate, domestic terrorism, and anti-constitutionalism. And the transition is a lot farther along than most political analysts believe.

As Democrats increasingly embrace the Marxist hard-Left, political discourse in America has become more coarse, less civil, and irreconcilable. Already the party’s leaders are planning to disrupt and bastardize normal political processes if they, by chance, gain control over one or both chambers of Congress in the midterms (that doesn’t seem likely but stranger things have happened).

Should just the House revert back to Democratic control, the Legislative Branch will cease to function as anything other than a body dedicated to one partisan witch hunt after another aimed at destroying the progress POTUS Trump, with enough Republican help, has managed.

It will get ugly quick. Just ask Alex Jones.

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